Recently Featured in the AllThingsRisk Podcast: Ep. 88: Michael MidKnight – Creativity and Design in Careers and Beyond

Was featured as a guest on allthingsrisk with Ben Cattaneo – Great conversation just about all real aspects of the business, creatives and how I came to be where I am today:


Today, it’s all about creativity, design, marketing and careers. That, and authenticity, a now over-used word. In the past, we’ve talked about “inauthentic authenticity” – the appearance of authenticity to create some type of one-sided sales or marketing benefit. This is a practice that one sees regularly online which can create risks and unintended consequences – for all sides in the equation. We need more people who speak their minds and are genuine.

My guest today is exactly that.

Meet Michael MidKnight.

Michael is a Design and Marketing Consultant with his brand Mik Tek Studios, Career Advocate with his series Recruitamentary and a fellow podcast host. We cover the art of marketing, value of genuine authenticity and enjoy the rich depths and importance of storytelling for an experience – Lion King references included!

If Marketing, Sales, Design, Creative Thinking or a wide range of humorous takes on his industry experience as a whole, this would be the episode for you worth listening to. And even if it isn’t there are loads of great insights applicable to many other aspects of our lives.

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