The Breakdown & The Team.

Throwing my hands in the air, flinching my entire body down an aggravation was putting it lightly near the end of this phone call.


To recap, its Friday morning. Its nearly 9am. Its already hot. The thick, obvious humidity of the Florida air sitting heavy in the lungs as I waited for the shop to open. Waiting for an oil change, I returned a call to a recruiter who sounded promising after a few phone calls. The contract wasn’t glamorous, ideal, or even good pay.

It was entry level. I cringed.

The recruiter also wasn’t sold on my experience alone, after speaking to long lengths about short term contracts, she went to the tired “the client is gonna want to see 5-10 years of experience of you doing specifically that role..” line, her shrill NY voice trailed off and I lost interest in the conversation.


The shop owner, opened his doors, smiled to me and brought my vehicle right in. I took a walk and let the recruiter know, they aren’t doing some big favor by trying to pitch me. I have pitched myself, created positions and needs companies didn’t even know they had for 10 years. I can sell myself. I can close deals. I can pitch success when I get those dots connected. That’s what I need the help with. Connecting those dots. Warm leads, That’s what this recruiter didn’t understand even though they had a marketing background too, supposedly.


The owner of the shop mentions I have a leak with the ac while I pay and check out, in my own little world at the time. I thank him, distracted, and make my way back into my vehicle. Ice cold ac blows out of the vents as I reach the parking lot limit, confused, as my ac does not work after a day or so – the system needs to be recharged constantly.

It shouldn’t be blowing cold at all.

I realize, the owner saw this too, as I sped back, thanking him profoundly. “Ah no worries, you can’t go to an interview all sweaty like that. I do what I can.” was his response. He smiled again, and bid me a good weekend. I drove away, impressed.


You are only as good as your team. A team with heart, will beat a team without heart, each and every time. They are your support system, your go-tos and your work family. They are amazing, Thank them.


Happy Monday Everybody.

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